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Whole 30 for the Whole Family (of 6) – Week 2 Recap!

Week 2 Recap: Travel Edition

This past week was a bit different than usual and presented some unique challenges.  The three older kids traveled solo to Baltimore to spend a week with their grandparents (yes, they can fly alone on Southwest, crazy right)!  Bryant and I decided a bit at the last minute that we needed to take advantage of being responsible for only 1 child and booked an AirBnB for two nights outside of Charlottesville, VA. If you haven’t used Airbnb to book a place to stay, you are missing out!  It has been a godsend for us – particularly as we travel with kids and want to be able to cook our own food.  It has also taken us to some incredibly interesting place – including a working sheep farm outside of Asheville!

With the kids visiting their grandparents for the week, we knew they were going to eat whatever was available and enjoy lots (and lots) of treats from their grandparents.  We had debated waiting until after this trip to even start but the Whole 30 but after talking through it realized there is never going to be the perfect time (not will we have a Perfect Whole 30) but since this challenge was really about improving and not perfection, we should just jump in.

Despite, our travels, Bryant and I committed to staying pretty consistent and brought a cooler of healthy food, stopped at a Trader Joe’s, and sought out healthy restaurants through our travels.  I’ll admit to some slight aggravation in trying to find restaurants that were both interesting and had good Whole 30ish food but in the end it was worth it.  We found some great new spots, enjoyed unique food and generally felt the best we ever had on vacation.  Below are a few of our fun finds:



Mezeh Mediterranean Grill

(As a sidenote, I am a HUGE YELP fan.  I highly recommend it for anyone traveling and trying to find unique restaurants!)

While I certainly love an occasional indulgence as much as the rest of you, I don’t like the way lots of wheat and sugar make my body feel!  Similarly, vacation is typically a time where we enjoy a few more drinks than we usually would, we keep the alcohol to a bare minimum – no, we haven’t abstained completely, remember its a Whole 30ish ;).

All in all, another great week of slowly moving the needle towards more wholesome eating!

Here’s a few notes from each of us about our personal experiences:

Sarah: I’m finding that its a bit of a struggle to eat enough Whole 30 food to fuel my body well.  At times I’m not interested in food and at other times I just fill up more quickly.  While I wouldn’t mind losing just a few pounds, since my surgery I am much more interested in gaining back my muscle and so need to make a deliberate effort to consume enough calories in the coming weeks!

Bryant: I am really enjoying the Whole 30!  Traveling with a family who is also committed to the Whole 30 really helps, as does planning ahead and looking at menus before choosing restaurants.

Caleb (12): I enjoyed the variety of choices I had at my grandparent’s house.  I loved getting to eat cheese again!  I don’t think I felt very differently eating whatever I wanted.

Jackson (9): I enjoyed getting to eat everything with my grandparents.  I especially enjoyed the pizza!  I did feel a little different.

Elle (6): I loved eating pasta and meatballs at Grandpa and Nana’s house.  I miss pasta!

Holt (10 months): I love eating real food although it can be a challenge without any teeth! (At least that’s what we think he’s saying when he’s grunting and devouring his food.)

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