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Whole 30 for the Whole Family (of 6)!

Can We Really do a Whole 30 as a Family of 6??

So for the first time ever, our whole family decided to embark on a Whole 30 journey together.  And by our whole family decided, what I really mean is that Bryant and I decided that our entire family needed to try a Whole 30 because the sugar and wheat addictions were real! 

Bryant and I have both done two different Whole 30s before with great success – one even got me to switch from extra sugar in my lattes to loving black coffee – but we hadn’t endeavored to get our family onboard until now.  But it was time.  Life had gotten pretty busy in the past few years and over time we have started relying more and more on convenience foods.  And while we still have tried to be mindful of our choices, I probably don’t want to admit how much sugar and heavily processed foods we were eating – especially the kids and particularly for breakfast and lunch.  It had been growing increasingly challenging to get the kids to eat real food and as we started feeding our 9 month old more real food it became clear that we needed a shift.  So we chatted with the kids and made a plan to start on a Sunday with the idea that we would be able to have plenty of good healthy options in the house and an easy day at home to prepare for the week.  Caleb (12), Jackson (9), and Elle (6) were not particularly excited but they also didn’t put up much of a fight.  It seemed like at least some part of them must have realized that they had overdone it a bit lately.  

My fear jumping into the Whole 30 as a family is that we will face a tremendous amount of opposition from the kids.  That they would even perhaps revolt and try to overtake the house. Okay, maybe they wouldn’t they’d go that far but they do outnumber us 2 to 1 and I did fear that the withdraws would be real and the anger and frustration would be directed towards us!

So off to the races we go!  If you hear loud screams from our house, don’t worry, its just the kids screaming for sugar!  Follow along with us as we try this for the next 30 days (or so) . . .

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