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Whole 30 for the Whole Family (of 6)!

Week 1 Recap: Better than Anticipated!

We all survived the first week – and without a revolt – so I’d call that a success!  It went much, much smoother than anticipated though I quickly realized that there was no chance we were going to have a “perfect” Whole 30 and that part of doing this with the entire family was going to mean letting go of the vision of perfection in order to make very significant progress.  We had no major slip-ups but occasional minor deviations – like an events where the kids were offered and enjoyed a popsicle at the pool and had a few corn chips at a potluck.

I was astounded at how flexible the kids were this week and how many better choices they made.  They tried nearly everything we made without complaint and even surprised themselves with how much they liked some of the new choices.  A few of the highlights were:

Breakfast Egg Bake (like this: Bake)
Scrambled Eggs
Zucchini Pasta & Meatballs
Fried Zucchini Cakes*
Pizza Soup

*One of the highlights of the week may have been Elle telling me that these zucchini cakes were delicious but that she was going to let everyone else eat them instead her “to be nice.”

We made sure to always have lots of fruit and basic veggies for the kids to eat anytime they got hungry.  And a few carefully timed larabars saved us from a meltdown or two. (I won’t disclose who almost melted down but one of them may have been an adult!)

Our grocery bill may have increased exponentially but I’m trying to remind myself that real, wholesome food is worth it and will make a long term difference in our health.  And as we get back into this routine again we should be able to rely more and more on bulk shopping that should help us keep our budget under control.  And while the bill at the grocery store may seem high, its still significantly less expensive than eating out.

Here’s a few notes from each of us about our personal experiences:

Sarah: After a first day of feeling pretty crummy and having some very strong cravings for chocolate, I started to get into more of a groove and feel better.  My energy level in the afternoons increased significantly though it was certainly not easy avoiding the break room snacks that always appear at the worst times!  I found myself drinking more coffee and sparkling water just to help keep myself feeling full and to avoid my previous daily afternoon chocolate habit!  I did have one glass of wine that I planned on without much guilt.  (Yes, yes, I know its not technically a Whole 30 if you deviate, but as I mentioned we are going for progress over perfection).

Bryant: After the first week I’m feeling thinner and more energized.  It has been an ongoing challenge for me to get in all of the food I need now that I’m not relying on as many protein shakes.  I did get some new cleaner egg protein that surprisingly didn’t taste too bad when mixed with berries.

Caleb (12): I’m feeling good, just a little mad that I can’t have cheese.  I didn’t have any headaches or stomach aches this week.

Jackson (9): I feel GOOD!  I feel strong.  I loved the zucchini patties.

Elle (6): I have eaten a lot of apples and bananas. I missed getting to have a lollipop at BJs. 

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