Testimonial: Jeff Prescott - Silver Wolf Crossfit

Testimonial: Jeff Prescott

For most of my life I’ve felt physically awkward.  When I graduated from college I was 6’7” and weighed about 150 pounds.  I’ve always been aware that I was weaker and had less endurance than my peers so I’ve shied away from group physical activities.  About a year ago, at the young age of 46, I was frustrated that I was losing muscle and balance.  I tried a bootcamp at Silver Wolf and found it overwhelmingly difficult.  I felt like the least fit person there and I even got sick at the end.  Despite my rough start I decided to join the gym and started attending classes once or twice a week.  I made some progress but I wasn’t comfortable with the movements, the weights, or my ability to keep up with the class.  After a few months I was only going once every week or two.  I was discouraged and decided I needed to either quit or try something different.

I talked to Beef about it and he suggested I try personal training with him.  This was a big step because it was significantly more expensive.  However, the alternative I saw was to continue to physically decline through middle age.  I decided to try it three times per week for a month and see how it went.  Having a one on one appointment has made a huge difference for me.  The first benefit was that it got me to the gym consistently, I could blow off a group class but not an appointment that I was paying for.  Another big change has been that the workouts are specifically designed to meet my goals of strength, overall fitness, and balance.  I’ve been doing personal training for about 6 months now and I love it.  I’m stronger than I’ve ever been and I run, cycle, and lift with other people and I easily keep up.  I enjoy seeing and feeling the physical changes in my body as I continue to progress.  I’m still a little clumsy but I feel so much more confident as I move through each day.  I’m proud of the progress I’ve made and I know that I can keep going.  I was recently at an exhausting spinning class with some friends and I wanted to give up and take a break while everyone else kept going.  Suddenly I was overcome with confidence that I could keep up with everyone else and finish the class.  At the end we all compared our results that were tracked by the bikes and I was in the middle of the group.  That may not sound like a big deal but it was huge for me and I know for a fact that personal training was what got me there.  I still think about the expense sometimes but it’s my one big personal indulgence.  I also now have the confidence that I could go back to the regular classes whenever I want to and keep up with everyone else .  I’m so glad that when I was finally ready to do something different that Silver Wolf and Beef were there.



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