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Road to 40 – Stay Focused

This Road to 40 has not been the straight path that I had foolishly hoped it would be. Thankfully, life as a whole has bounced back to the normal level of crazy which is helpful. This has given me a little bit of freedom to focus on my Road to 40. I am now into the third week of my one-on-one nutrition training.

Frustration sets in when the number on the scale just bounces up and down. WHY? Have I not been sticking close enough to my plan? That is not it. I am pretty focused and can say with great confidence I am 98% on. Is it water weight? More than likely but how to do I manage that? Even if it is just water weight it has to go down at some point. The only thing I can think to do is to just trust the process. My coach knows what he is doing. We have been down this road together before and had great results. I just have to fight through the doubt and frustration. If I’m not careful I know I will give in to the thinking that if the scale is not going to move then I might as well eat whatever I want. We all know that this is not the answer.

I am going to fight the frustration. I am going to believe that this is possible. I am going to trust the process. I have been putting in the work and I have been committing to the plan and surely if I stay the course results will come. Success doesn’t come overnight.

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