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Bryant Coble

Bryant (“Beef”) Coble
Owner, CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
CrossFit Powerlifting Certified,
N.C. State Certified Paramedic

My name is Bryant (“Beef”) Coble and I was born and raised in Graham, North Carolina. I am married to an amazing wife Sarah, father to 3 children – Caleb (10), Jackson (7), and Elle (3). For the past 7 years I have been serving the community of Charlotte as a paramedic. Through my experiences I have developed a deep appreciation for the importance of health, fitness, and surrounding yourself with a strong community to thrive. Most of my life I have been athletic, outgoing, and willing to call the hard questions and push people to achieve their goals. In addition to CrossFit, my athletic background includes college football and umpiring in Minor League Baseball.

I started crossfitting in 2011 when my wife introduced me to a new way to train. When she first suggested crossfit I have to admit I was both nervous and scared of what I saw people doing on YouTube. I had not seen some of those movements since college football training.  I knew enough to know it was going to be tough. What I did not know was how impactful it would be to be around a community of people who were all working hard towards similar goals of fitness and strength. Greg Glassman brought the camaraderie of sports and placed it in a fitness experience like never seen before. Hooked was not the word, love was more like it – the love of the community and the accountability.

With my background as a paramedic it runs in my blood to help.  Unfortunately, as a paramedic I’m often brought into situations where it’s too late to help or where I’m simply applying a band aid to someone’s life who needs much more. With crossfit training I have the opportunity to share the knowledge I had gained of numerous years of training and to help change lives. As a trainer it’s powerful to watch people break barriers and push the doubt out of their mind. Their face lights up and their confidence explodes.  I continue to study, train, and listen to obtain knowledge that will help the Silver Wolf CrossFit community, our community, thrive and be a place where all are welcome and able to pursue their goals.

I strongly believe that God is leading me to start this amazing community and will guide the process of making this community one like no other. Family will always be a priority for me, home is where the heart is and my family holds my heart. I also love to spend time outdoor with trips to the whitewater center and the mountains to enjoy hiking, camping, and working on my balance on paddleboard!  No one can be all work, balance is the spice of life.

“For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.”  

~ 2 Timothy 1:7

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