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Cody Starnes

Coach – CrossFit level 2, CrossFit Kids

Cody Starnes is a 37 year old native Charlottean who began her fitness journey nine years ago.  After working out at the YWCA and later at a smaller gym she heard about this thing called “crossfit.”  Curious, she decided to give it a go and loved the physical as well as mental commitment and strength it requires.

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Summer Hoelter

Level 1 CrossFit Coach

Member Services Coordinator

Honestly, I embarked on this CrossFit journey because my closest friends/family were opening a box and I wanted to be supportive.

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Michelle Kehoe

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

I’ve been doing CrossFit since September 2016. I was addicted after my first workout…I had been working out at home and various gyms consistently but started to crave a community to share the ‘down in the trenches’ experience. As a competitive swimmer for 13 years I was familiar with commiserating over a grueling workout while pushing everyone to be better.

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Silver Wolf Staff

Katie Hoelter

Marketing Coordinator

I used to be intimidated by CrossFit and thought I had to have huge muscles, grunt a lot, and eat only meat before stepping into a CrossFit box!

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