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Road to 40 – Stay Focused

I know it has been a while since I have written anything about my Road to 40.  This year has been one for the record books. There are days that I wonder how I’m going to make it to see 40. For the most part this journey has taught me a lot about so many different things.  Here are just a few!

(1) Consistency is the key;

(2) You can’t outwork a bad diet;

(3) Bumps are going to happen don’t let them derail you; and

(4) You have to have support

By support I mean a nutrition coach, encouraging partner, or a support group. Having all of those helps. I am lucky enough to have all of those but it still doesn’t make it easy!

I have recently changed nutrition coaches just to get a different perspective. I was stuck at the same weight no matter what I seemed to be doing. I was weighing food, tracking on my fitness pal, following my macros, I was on it. Or at least that’s what I thought. I have not fully revealed why I remain stuck but I am hot on the trail.

Since I was stuck for a long time and hadn’t been having the kind of success that I wanted, my wife kept advising me to try something different. I finally listened and decided to meet with a traditionally trained dietitian to see if he had anything different to offer or any new ideas for me. There were a number of things that I really liked.  Initially, he did a metabolic test. I just had to breathe normally for about 5 mins into a device that calculates how many calories I burn at rest. It made me feel good to know I had a clear starting place. What was shocking was the fact that I was eating, on average, 100 calories under my resting calorie expenditures. Once I added in my activity level, on average, I was eating 700 too few calories.  But we talked about the fact that if you eat too few calories your body can into starvation mode. My deficit may have been my downfall.

I made my coach aware that I didn’t believe in the food pyramid or any other standard American diet. His response was that I don’t care what you follow – Keto, low carb, Paleo, etc. – as long as you are consistent you will see progress. I started my first week with my coach and he emailed me a meal plan. It might as well been in chinese talking about exchanges. What was an exchange? How do I trade out the exchange? The worst part was I had 20 pages to go through to try to figure out how to exchange. I handed the book to my amazing wife and she went to town. After about 30 mins of translation she made the comment “I don’t know how anyone can follow this but here’s what you need to do.”

I returned to my coach the following week and I was armed. I laid it out that following the meal plan and the exchange system was not for me. With a family of 6 forcing the family to eat a meal plan doesn’t work for me. And so we moved to going with a strict macro plan. Currently my target is 2700 calories which is broken down into 270g of carbs, 270g of protein, and 90g of fat.  We shall see how it goes, it’s certainly been nice to have more calories. I will try my best to keep you posted in the upcoming weeks to how progress is coming.


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