Kids Pack Update - February 2018 - Silver Wolf Crossfit

Kids Pack Update – February 2018

I have to tell you all that the kids pack kids have been amazing! They have been such fun to be in class and teach. They work so hard and enjoy the process.  I always leave inspired to be a better athlete! And having Sarah on board doing the programming and the class structure continues to make a huge difference.

The kids have been working on squats of all types. Air squats, front squats, even over head squats. We have also been working on pulling motions such as ring rows and pull-ups. The kids love the competition of hanging from the bar like monkeys as long as they can or switching directions while they hang.

We added in a new game recently that was old school tag but with the addition of being “safe” while you complete 3 box jumps. Yes, your kids are jumping on boxes for fun!

One of the favorite games continues to be the PVC pipe game. The kids stand in a circle and hold a PVC pipe vertically. The object is to move left and right and even across without allowing your current pipe or your teammates pipe to touch the ground. You must leave your pipe upright and attempt to catch the other pipe before it falls over. They are learning to think quickly with direction changes and their reflexes! 

As always, please let us know if you hear the kids talking and have any special requests for class! We are always looking to improve the program. Also let us know if there are any friends of the kids that would be interested in joining the program – the more the merrier!

Thank you for continuing to entrust us with your kids!  And don’t forget to join us on Saturday mornings from 9:15-10:00 for our family workouts.  These have continued to be a highlight of the week for anyone who has been able to make it!

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